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Originally Posted by UFunny2 View Post
Walked around a little around noon to get some blood flowing. Saw lots of old abandoned scraps.
Last Monday I decided to hunt the area around those abandoned scrapes. They were on an old logging road that surrounded a huge pine thicket. Had my bow and muzzle loader in the truck, flipped a coin for which one to use (literally) and the ml won. Had a fresh snow earlier, just enough to cover the floor. Walking in on the logging road, not 75 yards from my truck, I spot movement coming up from the gully headed to the thicket, saw antlers, stopped him, shot...dead 7 point at 35 yards. From first sight to shot was maybe 10 seconds! Had my tree stand on my back and it was only 1:00 in the afternoon. I know, I know...should have had my bow! I did go to another spot and brought my bow that time. Had a spooked big racked boy come bounding by, but couldn't stop him. Season ends in a couple weeks here, but I'm off the last week and will be in the woods WITH MY BOW!!
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