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Default Live Bowhunt from Maryland!!!

This Saturday I will be in a blind with my Son Dawson (12) he is helping me film along with my buddy Jeff....

We did this successfully last season in Va. with around 100 people watching and chatting along on a doe kill near a golf course...

I am not trying to sell anything here so forgive me mods if I step on toes by directing to our live hunt page... I just want to give yall something fun to watch and join in on...(if you are not hunting Sat eve....hehehe!!!)

The program we are using is stickam which you can join for free and get a user name and password to chat... You will be able to hear me and I can answer questions and chat....We had an absolute riot last year when we shot a doe with only 6 minutes of legal shooting light left...You can watch this clip on the same page as our live box...(its a little grainy as its a webcam) As far as I know were the first and only successful live deer hunt ever and this time we are trying for a buck!!!

We are hunting in the suburbs around D.C
We are right in the back yard of a residence where I have sole permission...It is Muzzleloader season but we are in a bow only area so I have a buck tag burning a hole in my pocket...

So join up and chat!!! we would love to have you
We should be set up and rolling by 230PM...

Here is the live hunt page

Our blog has pictures of the set up and bucks we could encounter...
Its my last buck tag day so trust me...I wont be real picky

Fan us on facebook and you can get updates on when more live hunts will occur...
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