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I started using corn feeders & bait sights last year! I have 4 moultrie feeders hung i trees & 4 more bait sights! its just a lot of fun for me & I see deer every sit! i need to thin the doe population anyway and if you think a big buck won't come in during daylight your crazy in my book! I have had several big bucks come in during daylight and the colder the better! I have had the best results scattering the corn in a large area and really making them work for the corn! this is more natural as well. more like acorns falling from trees and a 50 lb sack of corn will last a good week if not longer! I don't always hunt right over it either and the reason I have 8 different spots is so I don't have to hunt them but about every 10-14 days! very little pressure! If I get picture of a big buck on a station I won't hunt it til I get daylight pics! This is just my experience! Take for what it's worth!
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