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I about died when i found 3 on the clearance rack at BassPro.

2 Elite 45 SS/Black for $150 (low serial too) and an Extreme 50 SS/Camo for $350. I made sure all of them got a good home that night.

The Elite 45 quickly got 90% of my attention, even over my GMB54.

Picked up a NIB MK-85 54cal last weekend really cheap too. High serial but all accessories including some 54x50 sabots with GoldDots in a tube.

I rescued it from a life of gun shows.

And its all SabotLoaders fault. I was happy with ONLY my Accura45 WinApex50, Pedersoli Ovation 50, LK93 (the LK was his fault too) and my GMB54.

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