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I will try and make this quick, looking for some suggestions on what you think about opening day of gun spot. Season opens here in NY on Sat, I hunt a piece of land @100 acres surrounded on both sides by what i call hard core gun hunters (shoot any deer). I have a 6pt rule I go by and know there are a few good deer in the area. I have 2 options to sit in this one area, 1) on the power line in an elevated blind where I can see a long ways and coudl shoot the rifle, lots of deer cross the power lines not many walk them. 2) Bottom of the power line is a creek which I have a chain on stand I know deer use this area as safe zone, its thick and the bottom of 2 hillsides max shot will be 50yards (shotgun). What do you think? Go where I can see or sit in the thick stuff. The groups on both sides of the property start pushes early on opening morning (I know that sucks but we can not get them to change).
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