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Default NY Hunters, check this out...

I know a lot of people check those hunting/fishing charts, best times, sun/moon charts, etc...etc... Some think they are useless, some swear by them.

I took the time to use my Garmin eTrex GPS with the coordinates of my sister and brother-in-law's farm (in area 7M, a little south of, and in between Syracuse and Utica), then I verified all the calculations with various sunrise/sunset websites, best time to hunt websites, compared to what the Garmin GPS said.

I created an Excel spreadsheet for the whole NY State deer season (gun) for the southern region, and typed in all the data. I did a quick "screen print" and saved it as a .jpg image. Feel free to use it, print it out, pass it around, ...whatever.

I am leaving this coming Thursday, the 18th, and will be hunting my sister & brother-in-law's 125 acre farm. I am so excited to finally be going back home to New York, for a few weeks!!

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