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Default Possible Coyote Problems

I havenít been seeing hardly any deer at all where I hunt. I think most of them are nocturnal. I saw a doe and a fawn early in the season and we shot a spike buck last week. I think my problem is Coyotes or dogs in the neighborhood. I hear my neighbors dogs bark all during the night. They have two border collie/lab mixes. Will dogs run off deer that are a good distance away? I went hunting this morning and my stand sits on the edge of a field. Earlier in the season I saw a lot of deer movement (Tracks), on deer paths but now I donít. The field was a soybean field and it has been harvested for about 2 weeks. I have seen a mixture of dog or coyote tracks where my deer used to be. I was scouting today as I was walking back from my stand, and came across a rope like feces, which I think is coyote. What is the best method to a solution? Is my deer season for the year already over?
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