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Well guys I blew it. I had the monster at 37 yards tonight and shot over his back by about an inch. He wasn't spooked though and he calmly walked out of the field. Heres the story.

I got on stand late (you can do that on this place and be ok) and nothing was in the field. I wasn't on stand for 10 minutes and some does starting coming in. They milled around for a short time and then left the bean field. I didn't see anything for about 45 minutes. I was glassing the far end of the beans and didn't see anything. I put the binos down and happened to look to my right and there he is. Casually eating beans. I have no idea on earth where he came from or how he got to 37 yards without me seeing him but there he was. I lost it fellas, I'm ashamed to say. I have seen a bunch of big deer on stand in my day guys but this is a true giant amongst giants. He's a main frame 12 with split brows that are 10 inches long. This deers horns are so wide that when he put his head down to sniff something on the ground he horns hit the beans on boths sides of the row. I have killed some nice deer and seen some nice deer and this is unlike anything I have seen. He might be a 190" deer no bs. So he is just feeding casually from my right to left. I get my bow up and get the range finder out, 35 yards. I draw on him and make a split second fatal decision. Instead of putting my 30 yard pin on him I put my 40 yard pin on him and let it fly. It sailed about a half inch over his back. He spooked and took a few quick bounds and amazingly settled back down and continued walking to the corner. I just held still and let him leave. I hung my bow back up and considered jumping out of my stand head first. I was packing up my back pack when something caught my eye and its a 140 8 pointer that I have seen several times. He was on a path walking right by me. I let him go. I was so disgusted and how can I shoot that deer with the giant looming somewhere close by.

I'll be back out there again guys on Sat evening. I have seen this deer in this same field 3 times now. Something has got to give. I am the only person who knows about this deer. He lives basically in town only about 600 yards from my garage. Amazing. I'll have a report this weekend guys. I plan to sit on a few different spots for a couple of evening hunts this week. I'll let you know. I love bow hunting.
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