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Originally Posted by wis_bow_huntr View Post
Im going to say that deer was wounded too high in back and may recover just fine. If you have any water sources near by check them. A wounded deer will generally head for a water source. Get back out there with 4 or 5 people and do a comb of the area, He could have layed down and gotten sick. You wont get a lot of blood on a high shot because the blood is filling the cavity and not draining out. Muscle blood is usually dark, lungs are bright red or pink and heart is red. If you have bright red blood you may have gotten one lung. But you wont know until you find him if you find him. Was he broadside, quartering to you or away, straight down??? tell us more about the shot
he was sligthly quarting away. 10 yards from a 12ft stand....bascially a slam dunk that i rushed the shot on.
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