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Yesterday morning i took a shot at a large doe. She was 36 yards broadside. I shot her for 30 and hit low. I am terrible at judging distances. She looked as if she was standing right under my 30 yard marker, but was actually past it six yards. I heard the arrow hit and thought i made a perfect shot. I went to where i shot and found my arrow coated in very red blood from the tip to the knock. The arrow passed through easily. I found white hair where i hit her. I figured i shot low when i saw that. My question is will she make it, or should i keep looking? I waited 6 hours and followed her trail for a 1/4 of a mile. She stopped bleeding after that. At first there was decent blood then drops and then nothing. I hope she makes it, and i'm seriously kicking myself for forgetting my range finder. I know the arrow hit right in line of where i was aiming. Is it possible to shoot under the vitals? I hope so, i feel terrible. I tore up that doe tag. I'm counting her as one...even though i never recovered her. What do you guys think any one here shot too low? Thanks Matt
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