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Default Starring contest!

So, the other morning I saw..what looked to be..a decent rack through the trees and brush. So this morning I tried to put myself where I thought he had come from. I think I found the spot, the trails speak for themselves. But anyways...early on I saw two does browsing around about 60 yards away. Coulda filled my tag but I wanted to wait for that possible rack! At about 9:20 I decided it was time for me to pack up and head out. Remember, this was a new spot so I was on the ground, no blind, nothing. Anyways I turn around to check behind me before I get up...nothing. So up I go, grab my phanny pack, put it around my waist...go to buckle it...while I turn back around in front of me. Literally about 10 paces away stands a doe. Of course, beating me down with her eyes. So I stood so still, for a little over 4 minutes. Same stance...hands behind my back..weight on my right foot while my left foot is on my tippy toes, no idea why? haha. But d*mn! After about 3 minutes my leg started to cramp, but this was such a good spot that I want to put my ladder stand i couldn't blow i went through the pain, starring right back at this doe...I was scared to blink thinking she'd see it and run! haha. After that four minute stare down she just put her head down and walked along...right by me...WOW! I couldn't believe it! What an upclose encounter! Just thought I'd share that with you guys haha.
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