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Originally Posted by PY Antlers View Post
Hunting the different phases of the moon isn't about the amount of light or lack of . It's about gravatational pull, it's a proven fact that game and fish are more active during certain moon phases. The only one I pay much attention to is when the moon is over head or under foot. Which is to say, when the moon is directly over head and or under foot, game tend to be up and feeding. And it doen't matter what time of day it is.
Well he is not complietly WRONG..and there is truth to what he is saying..I NEVER hunt a Full moon there is to much light from the Moon that lights up the wood meaning that i wont beable to shoot a deer in leagal shooting light, Allowing the deer to feed later at night. I find that the Deer move best over a New moon (less light) higher gravataional pull and with the moon not lighting up the wood the deer have to feed earlier allowing me a chance to see more deer.

But really if you hunt souly the moon you wont shoot to many deer imo. I like to pay attention to the moon but am not strict about it. I feel that i shoot most of my deer Before or after a Front (storm) comes through. Where the Barometric pressure is usally high.
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