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Originally Posted by Mr. Deer Hunter View Post
A deers eyes are made up of Rods and Cones and they can adjust their vision to see all the time. Even on a moonless night.

New Moon was the 7th of this month.
Nobody that I knew that hunted yesterday complained about not seeing deer, as a matter of fact, my one friend who is a archer said that his nephew shot a doe not 50 yards from his tree stand and there was deer around him every day this week.

So my opinion is that the more opportunities that you have to harvest a deer, the more deer you are going to see. If you can hunt every day - that is what I would do.
Hunting the different phases of the moon isn't about the amount of light or lack of . It's about gravatational pull, it's a proven fact that game and fish are more active during certain moon phases. The only one I pay much attention to is when the moon is over head or under foot. Which is to say, when the moon is directly over head and or under foot, game tend to be up and feeding. And it doen't matter what time of day it is.
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