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Default Safety Strap around tree Q's?

I've been wondering this all week. I usually use the safety strap that goes around the tree that came with the tree stand, then attach a D-loop clamp to "lock in" to my harness loop.

Some of them are worn out, so a friend suggested a rope system from (I think) Hunter Specialties. Basically it's a $25 rope with a D-loop clamp on it. He has a couple that he's trying out this year.

If I understand the instructions correctly, it's a rope with a loop knot in it on 1 end. Wrap the D-loop clamp end around the tree and through the loop on the opposite end of the rope. Just let hang and clamp on to your safety harness strap.

IF that is correct, I could do that with about $10 worth of supplies from any hardware store. Anyone use this product? Any other idea's for replacing the worn out strap around the tree?
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