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Thanks. Got a Remington XCR II in 280 and it has the tightest bolt I have ever seen with a case in the chamber. Bolt is easy without a case, guessing it's just a very tight chamber, 3.33 never going to fit. There are heavy striations on the bullet with a dummy round at 3.3
You need to find out if its the headspace or too long COL.

Do you have a head and shoulder gauge? You can compare if its your FL Sizer by comparing a fireformed case to a sized one.

What I suggest is using the split case method for measuring the length to your lands.

Take a dremel tool and cut lengthways one side of a piece of sized brass down to the shoulders. Just go down enough to hold the bullet to where you can pull in and out with your fingers. Stick your bullet in the uncharged case and close the bolt, take out and measure being careful to push in the case as the plunger is pushing it to one side to eject. You want to remove as careful as possible.

Rarely are remington thoats so tight.