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alright guys...gals..sry are the rules..i bolded some important ones..i want everyone to read these 500 times..cant tell ya how many guys forgot to include their bow in a pic las year and was a non-score-able looks like antler-less is a no go, used to be 20 points or something.

1. Deer(whitetail/mulie/blacktail)must be taken legally and ethically as laws apply in the state your hunting including tags.
2. Archery equipment only which include crossbows, compounds, longbows and recurves. One bow contest only.

3. Antlered deer only (whitetail, mule, blacktail)including antlered doe, if it's tagged with a buck tag, it's in.

4. We will be using the Pope & Young Gross/Green scoring system, no deductions. Velvet bucks scored the same. (See percentages below)

Whitetail (as norm):125/125 = score x 1
Columbia blacktail: 125/90 = score x 1.39
Sitka blacktail: 125/75 = score x 1.67
Mule deer: 125/145 = score x 0.86

For an incredible tutorial please see this link:[/URL]
5. Open to all members new and old unless your signed up in another bow contest on HNI(only) You may sign up for the rifle contest as well, please don't sign up and disappear, you'll be replaced. No more than 10 persons per team, drawn randomly....alternate's when necessary starting with first come first serve....I'll oversee it.

6. Signup begins today, Deadline to join is Aug 15th , with alternates then being taken until Sept 1st or as needed to complete teams. (Depending on number of entrants, teams may be picked earilier in order to ensure enough alternates.

7. You must have a pictured posted on the contest page within the Official Score Card thread to enter a deer. The bow must be in the picture and the entire deer must be in the picture, no skull pictures, no rack pictures...the buck, the bow, and yourself must be in the me skeptical. This rule will be enforced this year, no exceptions with no apologies.

scoring help

A) Within this post, the measurements as required by the P&Y scoring sheets shall be listed. Example as follows.

B) Total 131 2/8

Right ----- Left

MB 18 6/8 ----- 17 4/8
G1 4 ----- 3
G2 6 4/8----- 6
G3 6 4/8 ----- 4 6/8
G4 4 4/8 ----- 1
G5 1 -----

H1 5 6/8----- 6 2/8
H2 4 4/8 ----- 4 4/8
H3 4 4/8----- 5 6/8
H4 3 6/8----- 3 2/8

Inside spread 15 4/8

Abnormal points
1. 4

For scoring help, please check this turorial:

8. Total number of inches of all team member's animals will decide the winner....see rule 4.

9. You must enter the first bow kill antlered deer you get.....second buck for you lucky states will not count. First buck means first taken regardless of multi state hunts. Also see rule 10.

10. The entry must be posted within 10 days of taking it OR notification must be made to the team, team captain, participating moderator or admin that an animal is down with description to determine that a participant isn't holding out for a better animal. This is not fair for single tag states nor those that cannot travel and hunt multiple states. The first antlered animal must be counted.

11. No penned shot deer accepted, deer must be a free range wild animal regardless private or public land. Guided hunts acceptable as long as the animals are free range.

12. All disagreements, controversies and conflicts will be decided on by a majority vote from a panel consisting of Team Capt's and moderators participating within the contest. Those decisions will be final.

13. Contest ends Jan 20th. (new date this year)

14. Rules set forth for a smooth contest, the main rule is to have fun and enjoy your fellow teammates and all the smack talk that goes along with this contest.

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