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Well guys, I had mentioned in a post out in the forum a couple of weeks back that I was moving to another home and the land I was going to was all new to me, at that time I had made an early "apology" if things didnt go well for me this season as I am not going to have much time to scout.

I made it out there today, I have 80 acres, the land consists of Cedar swamp, two openings, an acre and the other about 5 acres, the rest is thickets,about 2 acres CRP (next to the house), poplar stands and a mix of hardwoods, Birch etc.and a small river tailed off with a creek.

Due to the fact the farm fields are not really nearby I put out some corn with a lil molasses, I put one pile with a cam where the river,CRP and swamp come together, another pile with cam on a small ridge facing the swamp headed to the river about 20 acres away, I seen some good mud trails through it, and one behind the house abit, next to a cuople poplar stands, so we will see what that brings.

Kinda sux that I didnt have more time to scout and I dont want to spend alot of time out there with the season here in Wi being only 2 1/2 weeks away.

Just want you all to know that I am going to bust my balls on this new land, I will put bone on the ground if I have to get a late one!!

Im going to go and get a link to the land and post it, maybe you guys can help me scout it from there although I can tell you that the "birds-eye" doesnt work on it as it stops JUST ACROSS the rd!! I will post it here soon.
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