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Myself and a friend have a small semi-guided service with nearly 2500 acres, south of Mt. Sterling, not far from Illinois Connections. Matter of fact, Doug leases from us some lands for bow hunting only, those lands we get back for gun hunting. After this season we will have roughly another 900 plus acres to lease, 700 plus acres in Brown County, and 250 acres in Pike County. We keep it very small, we don't advertise, we use word of mouth and mostly hunters from my home state of NJ, but it seems just the same guys every year. This year I won't be out there, family issues, but I will be there this time next year hanging stands, and getting ready for the 2011 season. The Pike County farm is being leased by an outfitter for himself, I have no idea who he is, the land owner next door wants to lease it as well, (this tells me there is something special in those woods and fields) but the owner who owns all the lands we have has become very good friends, almost like family, so I have no fear of losing any of the lands.