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I got an evening on july 9th to go out and basically check inventory and by that I mean I drove around to all the crop fields(clover,alfalfa,beans etc) i could before dark to tryan get at least a 10 second clip of each buck for future reference. I was happy to see them using some of the same areas that team bootleggers harvested some of their deer. I plan on using this information to get some of my velvet footage. Ohh yeah and I seen two 160 class tens on my way from work last nite and got to watch them for a minute in my binos before deciding to let them be. Have seen a ton of nice bucks but no luck getting the best ones on trailcam yet!

It would have sucked but would have been hilarious and pretty sweet footage if the buck you were filming walked by your phone on the ground and it rang! :P
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