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with BASS you can join an afiliated club and work your way up, or you can fork out the dough and fish the invitationals, however anglers that have prieviously fished (already in the field) will be given first shot at a limited number of slots, the later in the season it is the easier it is to make it into the field (more people drop out)...years ago i fished some of both BASS and what used to be called the Redman tournament trail, now known as the walmart BFL ...

BASS, also has a W/E can enter as a boater or no-boater and its a good way to "get into it" but be fore-warned, some of these guys may be a better fisherman than you, but there is also the chance they just have deeper pockets, and can afford to fish at the higher/more exspensive may or may not be fishing with a "pro" look for walmart BFL series this is the BASS W/E series site

here is how the BASS club affiliation used to work, you fish all year and make it to the top six of your club, then you fish on the state level, alabama has 4 qualifying state tournaments, when i lived in tx, we only got one shot at have to finish in the top six in your state, then fish a divisional, yours would be SE, then you have to finish in the top six ( on your own, not team dependant) then one person from each region goes to the classic. best i can remember anyway

for me, best bet join a BASS affliliated club and have fun, or fish BFL's for a year or two you'll be amazed at how much you learn
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