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People have been attending these meetings for years now, some years a few meetings, other had several with the "open houses" trying to get pgc to change things. How long do you think it takes for people to realize they are being ignored?

Representatives have taken polls. You dont need to cite internet reports or the turnout which isnt indicative of much of anything. The legislator polls showed a big MAJORITY dont support a pgc fee increase. As for the meeting, I was told it went just fine. Plenty of deer complainers. One of the reasons pgc didnt give the airtime on the webcast. Only showing the pgc testimony today.

As for turnout, good or poor, makes no diff. as most people arent gonna drive for hours from all across the state to get there, esp. After being ignored for years. Not when its much easier to correspond with people who are the only ones who can fix this. The legislators.

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