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Everybody and their mom around here uses them. They were great when they first came out, but now they are overused and the ducks are weary because of them. The major problems with the mojo: the big pole underneath it... definitely cant use that on a cloudy day. Also, say you're luring ducks in from 300 yards away. They get to your spread and make a pass. By now, the ducks have been watching your mojo "landing" in the same position for way too long. They have a remote control mojo that you can turn off and on, but thats also flared birds for me too. I had six or seven mallards (which is somewhat rare for down here) commit into the decoys and flare right out of range because my mojo teal was turned off, and the wind blew the wings so that the white part was facing towards the ducks. I was SO pissed...
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