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Originally Posted by fatsbucknut View Post
What lodge do you guys usually go to? Is the fishing good in the area? Thank alot
Lost Lake Wilderness Lodge. They have a website, and they are at the Sportsmans Show in Harrisburg every year. Fishing is okay there, but I can't compare it to any other place in the area because that is the only lodge my Dad and I have been going to for the past 18 years. We have become such good friends with the owners and their family, that we sorta feel obligated not to change and go elsewhere. But like I said, the owners are getting a divorce and going to put the lodge up for sale soon, so I don't know what will happen after that or when. But I do know that it will be business as usual until then.

We do catch a decent amount of fish due the the fact that we have been going back so many times and know some of the spots now. Whereever you end up going, definately take a portable fish finder with you. Not to nessecarily mark fish, but it will let you know exactly what depths you are over, and point out drop offs and humps which are hot spots for walleye. If you go towards the end of July or August, don't expect to catch many numbers of big pike. They go deep once the water warms. The best time for them are the end of May beginning of June, but then you run the risk of running into black flies.
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