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The goals are listed in the links I have at the beginning: 733,000 deer total, statewide. That number is reached by aiming for a herd that is 60-65% of the land's carrying capacity in the forested areas. They aim for a significantly lower (but unspecified) percentage of the land's carrying capacity in agricultural and urbanized areas because those areas can carry more deer and the interaction between deer and people becomes too aggravating to the people if the percentage is that high.

The chart of hunting areas doesn't tell us squat about how many deer are in each area. It only tells us how many relative to the number the DNR would like there to be (according to DNR herd estimates).

You can, however, guess some things. It does imply some things though: for example, if you are convinced that the herd size in your unit is lower than you desire, and the chart shows you above goal or way above goal--that's bad news.
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