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Fellas, you got that right about the ehd areas in 2A. The worst hit anyway. They most definately have NOT fully recovered as we were told and are now being told by pgc that they have fully recovered. A few of my favorite areas were wiped out. They have recovered some, but thats not saying much. They are a helluva long way from what they were pre-ehd. I get a good chuckle at the pgc damage control squad constantly saying otherwise. We spend alot of time in those areas and know the score.

Anyway, PAINFULLY little shooting and despite the very bad weather, there was a good turnout in the area we were in today. I already took a buck in archery, so went to give moral support. lol. Didnt want to put on drives just yet, but anyway, of 5 hunters, one average 8 pt taken. Only legal buck seen today. Only other buck, a 4 pt. and few does... From before daylight to complete dark. And that wasnt even in a "known" ehd hit area. Lots of hunters on stand and moving about. Saw a few vehicles with deer on them coming home, including one pretty good buck but pretty paltry pickens overall. MANY trucks had nothin on 'em but quads and or equipment.
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