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I know this is just rehashing the same ole story,but what you said is true.I refused to go back to my old spot in 2A this year after my first day sightings went from 33 three years ago,to 27 two years ago,to 3 last year.My hunting buddy of 30 years was a trooper and went without me,telling me i'd be sorry cause he was going to hunt out of my treestand.As it turns out,I was sorry.Sorry I couldn't talk some sense into him.He and his son saw a total of 1 deer all day,and the closest shot was two hills over.He had a nice conversation with the neighbor who owns 700 acres and was told EHD was so bad the summer before last that they had couldn't stay in their camp because of the smell of all the dead deer on the property.But as usuall,our beloved PGC continued to sell out all 55,000 doe licenses that year and continued their deer decimation program by selling all 55,000 for this year.They won't be satisfied until they're all gone !!!
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