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Well I finally did it. After years of letting small bucks walk I connected on this 12 pointer 11 scoreable (has split G3's). It was Saturday morning about 5 minutes in when I heard a deer crashing and thought somehow I was busted. Then the doe ran by me and I realized she was being chased. I stood up and got the bow ready and he popped up behind a deadfall. I came to full draw but he would not take the last 2 steps. I thought it was forever but when he did I made sure I did everything right. I have a history of messing up under pressure. I made sure my sight picture was right and put my 30 yard pin right on the front shoulder. Didn't get a complete passthru as I caught the shoulder but I did get the G5 Montec CS to pass thru the shoulder, rib, both lungs and a rib on the other side before stopping sticking out both sides. He didn't make it 40 yards and was down.

Anyway I am jacked up yet about it all. My best bow buck before this was a 5 pointer about 15 years ago. We got our own property 8 years ago and have been working on letting small bucks walk. All the waiting has paid off. I will get him posted on the score thread soon. Total was 126 2/8's.
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