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Default It only take one bad apple

I am fortunate to hunt the land of several farmers and I have done this most of my life. It has never cost my family anything to hunt these farm lands but we do little things when were on the property to help the farmer out (tree down, come back with the chain saw; gate open, close it; fence down; tell him about it and ask if he needs help fixing it, etc.). This past Sunday I find a note on my truck, "Please stop by the barn when your out of the woods." So I go up to the dairly barns and the farmer comes up to me and starts yelling at me because another guy he lets hunt (geese) was conducting guided hunts for $250/gun on his land. Farmer asks me "are you doing the same thing?" Of course not, I value the priveledge of being on your land and would never take advantage of the privledge.

It amazes me how some hunters are all about themselves and it's these hunters that give all of us a bad name. Next time your thinking about shooting over the property line or hunting some else's stand, or are considering hunting property that is not yours without asking permission first, stop and think about the long term consequences of those actions. You are out there respresenting all of us so be respectful of land owner's rights and never take them for granted.

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