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Well its hard to give a good assesment without seeing a particular property. But i think the key here is scouting. If the deer are in the orchard a lot, then it could be good and bad. Good cause if you set up in the orchard they will come to you, bad cause they could be in there and when you come to your blind you could push them out.

The best scenario for hunting in food source is to figure out where they come into the field from. If there bedding in the swamp area then try to figure out where and how they are entering the orchard. It might mean laying down in the orchard and glassing a few times to find all the entrance exit points. Another thing is to put a ladder stand up in the swamp or on the edge of it, depending on the terrain its going to be your best bet to make good shots and give you a better field of view. Ladder stands usually dont require "good" trees, just something to lean it on, there are a ton of new styles of ladder stands too that could work in various situations.

My suggestion is to find out where they enter and exit and see if a ladder stand would work, if not i would try to place a blind then. But my experience in orchards, especailly in the late season, the elavation is a huge advantage, but not always necessary.
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