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Default help with hunting apple orchard

I have been fortunate enough to gain permission to hunt an apple orchard near my home in upstate NY. There is a section of woods/swamp that is between a road and the orchard, it is not a huge area between the two but has some heavily used deer trails, and no good trees in the area for a treestand so I am going to have to use a ground blind.

Here is my question: Does it make more sense to set the blind up in the actual apple orchard facing where the trails exit the swamp and enter the orchard, as I will be able to see more (the swamp is thick and limited viewing from the ground).

Should I hide the blind under some apple trees for cover or out in the open since I will only be 20-25 yards from the woods (bow hunting).

Any other ideas would be appreciated.
Thanks for any help.
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