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Default What we sometimes have to do

With the dawning of the deer bow season this Monday I've been busting a** to get those jobs around the house so I can get away. Installed stainless steel backsplashes in the kitchen, put a new ceiling up in the pool room (call it the rack room for the walls have my mounts around the room...16x16 ft room....moving the old insulation out was the worst, taping and mudding Fri, Friday and Sat. taking out 1000 sq. ft of hardwood out of my parent's home so that they can get new installed all so I can get out Sunday to Wen to do some bow hunting. I'm sure that there are many of you out there that try to get those household jobs out of the way just for those memorable moments in the field. Best of luck with your job jars for for it is worth it getting it done so that a get away with family and good buds is possible. This year it seemed as if the season just snuck up on me. The older you get the faster time flies.
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