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Hey everyone, just checking in. I just had shoulder surgery last monday. How’d you suckers get stuck with me? our season starts one month from today 9/19. Doc tells me I’ll be ready to start shooting in a couple weeks. I hope so but I’m not so sure. As of this morning I can finally brush my teeth right handed – I have a long way to go!

I think this is my 13th year bow hunting. I’ve shot 15 deer so around here I still have rookie status

2 years ago I bought 40 acres that has a lot of deer but this is the first year I that I’ve got more then a couple pics of good bucks. I’m consistently getting pictures of 3 bucks I’d shoo, one is a beautiful 10 point. I’m really excited. At some point here I’ll post pics of this year’s prospects.

Should be a good year!
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