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I had one do a back rub on my cam but I never had one attack it as of yet. My daughter and I went out to set mine back up this afternoon. As we started walking in she froze and said dad a bear.. I could see she was shaken up quite baddly and asked where because I had not yet seen it. She pointed and said over there! I looked and it was roughly 15 feet from us standing there looking at us. I told her to keep her eyes on it and walk backwards to the truck which was about another 150 feet back. After we got to the truck I looked and it was no where to be found. I set up my can and went to where the bear was to see what might have happened. It looked as though the bear was taking a nap when we came upon it. I was feeling a little uneasy about that bear myself. But i think we just happened upon it and woke it up. I am not really sure but it surely was a surprize to us. I have the cam set on 45 second video mode and hopefully will have some great stuff on it when I get back tjhere in about 2 more weeks..
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