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Default The Bear attack....

Unfortunately the past two times I haven't been able to get the two really nice bucks I have posted on here before. All I've been getting is a bunch of does and smaller bucks, but I'll keep at it and the big ones will show up again eventually.

As we went to get the trail camera this morning I was certain we would have some bucks on the camera. Well when we got to the spot there was no camera and lets just say I was about to tear the mountian apart, it would've been the second camera stolen. To my relief and my dads the camera was laying behind the tree. We've been hunting this land for about 5-6 years now and I've never saw a bear, well thats def. changed. I was completely suprised when I saw the pictures. He also done some damage to the trail camera, I'll have to make something to hold it on the tree.

Also I'll keep you guys posted, I think its about time to move the camera to a different spot and get some other big bucks on there, because I know there in there somewhere.



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