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Default RE: fixed blade broadheads in a crossbow?

ORIGINAL: cartman308

There's no question that the design of the slick trick would be more uniform than the design of the muzzy.


There also no question of the effectiveness of the Muzzy. Not many broadhead makers have been around as long as they have. AND they probably account for more deer than any other two makers combined (no facts to back it up, just my thoughts).

Are they the best designed, most tech advanced NO WAY! Are they deadly affective.. ABSOLUTELY! If you want a good head for a better price then muzzy will be tough to beat. Are there better heads? Without a doubt! But not for $20 a pack!

That being said, i don't use them. I did kill my first deer with one, but have move on to other heads.
Don't get me wrong, Muzzy makes a good head. It's just that every head has to be tested because you will get one that flies bad once in a while, most times just switching arrows will solve this. I have no problem getting them to fly with my field points, but my groups are always larger with these heads than anything else that I've tried. Keep your shots under 30 yards and it'll probably never make a bit of difference. A lot of emphasis is put on spinning our broadheads to make sure that they're straight, what our eyes perceive as straight would surprise you. We spend a lot of money on arrows that meet straighness specs, mine are .003" over the length of the arrow and Muzzy's typically run out by .004" to .006" just at the tip.
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