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I have hunted in SE Alabama since 1974. Jjust south ofMontgomery in Hardaway and Fitzpatrick. Near Union Springs in Midway. And NNE of Eufaula near Pittsview.The peak of the time when bucks are chasing does in Midway and Fitzpatrick has always been about Jan. 10 or later. There have been a few seasons when the action there did not start up until almost the end of our season which is Jan. 31.

However .... a few years ago I started hunting near Pittsview, which is about30 miles NNE of Eufaula.The activity there is definitely different. Around November 25 through about December 15, there is a time when bucks are bumping does hard. Some years this has been the best time to catch big boys out running does. Other years it has been more or less as dead as a door knob !I have no clue why. Every year I have hunted there, around mid -January, as in the other areas I hunt, the activity picks up. Bucks are chasing does all over the lease.Last year the perfect tiemwas about Jan. 8. Year before the month of January was dead until the very last week.

As far as I can tell, theOctober - early November "rut" that I read about so much being the case up north ... well that has not happened where I hunt.
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