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I' m not a big fan a spending too much time " benching" shots except for long range/varmit shooting or sighting in scopes. For the later, one wants a rock solid rest that minimizes the problem with " shooter caused " drift" in the sight in process. To that end I prefer sand bags also -- front and back.

THEY ARE HEAVY AND SOLID -- you just can' t get that " feel and touch" with a stand. The gun sits there by itself -- solidly craddled, just snug it up to your shoulder and fire it with out disturbing things.

With that said, the key is to have lots of sandbags (as many as you want like 8 to 12) and having some difference in size helps in building your " piles" . Nothing worse than getting to the range and being limited to a whopping two bags per location.

Side Note: With medium bores (starting at 338 or so) and big bores you need a shooting set up that will let you shoot with a vertical posture with your back straight and your belly nudging the bench -- this means a taller piles of bags -- but your results will be superior.

I love sandbags, if you could just teach them to pull the trigger, then you could eliminate the " human problem" altogether.

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