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Default i have a question...

while out planting 552 trees on my land this weekend, we noticed this white object about 75 yards off in the woods.. we thought it was just a white plastic bag, but as i ran closer to it, we realized it was a monster 9 pt. buck skull.. it must've been out there for a few years now because every ounce of meat, tendon, anything, was all gone and the bones were bleach white. all the skeleton was there, except the bottom jaw.. so we can't age it.. Now my problem- the mice chewed the left side so bad at the base, as i picked it up, the left side snaped right off.. what is a good way to reattatch the antler to the skull and what is a good way to "rebuild" the rest of the antler that was chewed off near the end.. while still making it look somwhat natural? I dont want to take it into a taxidermist becuase im just a college kid and i dont have that kind of extra money.. any help/ input would be appreciated..

thank you.


p.s.- id love to put pics up on here, but it keeps saying the photo size is to big.. does anyone know how to make it smaller or so i can put it up on here? thank you..
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