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I've had bushnell, simons, nikon, leupold, redfield, weatherby and istar. The best one so far and seems the most dependable is Nikon. I shoot very heavy loads and have blown out everything but the nikon. The leupolds I had to send back to be fixed and cost me deer. The others I had to through away because there was no warentee like Nikon and leupold. I shot a really nice deer this year with the Nikon and had no problem finding the deer in the scope in the heat of the moment even though the scope was all the way up. The deer was 50 yards and scope was 2-7 power set on 7. I would recommed Nikon, it's very clear and at dusk or dawn it actually seems brighter and clearer than the more expensive leupold scopes. I paid 119 bucks shipped to the house from ebay. The two leopolds were 300 and 400 and had to send them both back and harder to see close up at full strength. It's really up to you and if you're like most you will do like them and live it by trial and error .

Just curious 1eye, what caliber are you shooting that is blowing apart leupolds? I very close friend of mine has had a leupold on a .460 G&A for years and after many trips to africa its still 100%.
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