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I just picked up an X-Bolt in 300 WSM. I chose it over an A-Bolt and a Tikka Deluxe. They were all nice, but I've had the others so... The trigger on the X is better than the A Bolt (IMO) and is user adjustable +1. The recoil pad seems to be a soft squishy gel type +1. It's bedded and the barrel free floated. +1. It does have a polymer mag (so does the Tikka), but it fits better than the A bolt that I was comparing to. Tikka's one size action was a -1 to me as I wanted a true short action. The bottom line is I decided to try the X Bolt. Not sure about scopes yet but I may get daring and try a compact Nightforce NXS 2.5-10 X 32. It is a dandy. Just not sure I want to spend that much cash. We'll see.
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