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Default looking to trade my rifle for bow/or sale, but only for the right bow

I have a browning 300 wsm ltd dura coat stock stainless w/ leupold 3.5 x 10 x 50 vx3 silver matte scope. sitted in with 150 grain xp3 load. I have been looking for one of the new hotest bows out im a 29 1/2 draw 63 # items i would like on it would be . eithe fuse or doinker staiblizer. possiby quiktune rest. and a good site (spot hog,hha,,g5). as far as bows
1. mathews-monster or reezen
2. hoyt- one of the new ones
3. bow tech- admiral or catain

those would be my choices unles convinced otherwise.

as far as peep sites, straps, releases(truball copperhead and titan or truball and sniper) noks mathews monster is 899 and reezen 869 witch are the two most expensive bows i mentioned. my rifle set up cost me 1800 at first it doest also have leupold rings and bases. and a trigger job and is probably worth 1500 to 1600 now the gun cost me 1000 the scope 600 plus all the extra. stuff. i really want to get into bow hunting and want a nice set up. there are some arrows acc s ,axis , and thoes new ones(nice with everthing i want it shoul be around 1400 if some one can make it happen lets do it

email me if interested and i will tell you the specifics on types of stuff. [email protected]

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