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Default RE: I need a little help here..

If they can't give you a ballpark figure on when they'll get the gun in, then I wouldn't put a dime down on it. If they can get it, they should be able to special order it right away and not make you wait until they feel like ordering some in, if they can at all.
Guys, the dealer is very likely telling the truth. Browning is not known for being very fast on shipping. We are a premier Browning dealer and when we place our orders every year we never know what they are going to ship first and when they are going to ship it. We are completely at the mercy of Browning or any other manufacturer.

All of the gun manufacturers are notorious for this and alsoholding onto firearms if they know a price increase is coming. Sometimes we don't get certain firearms for an entire year. Once the price increase takes place they suddenly show up. Amazing!

He might be able to find the rifle that you are looking for from a distributor but I doubt you will get the same price.
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