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Default RE: Far from reality hunting....

I watch hunting shows just because...they're hunting shows. Very few shows are actually informative to me anymore. North American Whitetail magazine is probably my favorite in terms of knowledge shared. They actually go into detail on whitetail behaviour and such.

The Drury's are good, I like em, and think they've come a long way in the industry. However, as with most of these shows, its difficult not to shoot or film big bucks if you have prime realestate to hunt in the first place. Most of these shows are done on outfitter land, where the scouting and stand hanging is done well in advance of them actually showing up. I would be willing to bet that top dollar is spent by these guys to get the outfitter to "reserve" these areas for them and their film crews.

I'm not knockin' them though. Heck, I'd do it in a heart beat if I had the opportunity to go "pro".
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