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Default RE: Far from reality hunting....

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And the guides!!! i know alot of times they claim they didnt use them but COME ON!!! if your not using guides your the best deer hunters out there cause i dont know anyone that is successful enough on a continous basis to produce a television show. I mean, if you filmed your hunts, how many shows could you make a season showing trophy animals
The logic being.. since you don't know anyone who can do this it's NOT possible? Huh?

Think about it. Lets say Terry Drury puts down 3 bucks in 1 year. And he's hunted like 75 days on good to great land. Then yes.. a man can do this.

I'm not saying he's never talked to a guide before.. but I'm sure any man can hold their own with those odds. The real TRICK is laying it down on film. MUCH harder.

You put any good hunter on great land and he'll put one down. Put him on good land.. and he'll find a way too. Put him on poor land.. it may take him sometime... but he'll get it done. Not the big numbers maybe.. but he'll get it done.

Now.. I'm not sticking up for anyone.. Drurys included... but what one man can do another man can do.

Oh.. and Ben/PA.. love the quote from Paine. I enjoy reading Common Sense at least once a year.
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