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Default RE: What's the biggest animal you ever missed?

i missed a decnt 140 class 12 pointer last year at about 15 yards ,i usually have my safety line with a little slack ,well this day i had it tight as hell lol i leaned into my harness and the line was to my right tight as hell just behind my shoulder i was all ready at full draw and the buck started moving to my right i dint even relize the line was there i was in full focus of the buck well when i turned more to the right the tip of my elbow hit the tight line cousing me to release the arrow to the unknown and even though the buck stoped again at like 40 yards to give me the finger ,i just was so mad that i couldnt pull myself together missed the buck and lost a cx aramid arrow with a lumenock and a g5 montch lounched like 35$ into nowhere lol.
im sure i wont forget that day for a while ,thanks for reminding me [:@]
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