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Default RE: A serious question... I promise

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I grew up lifting weights andslowed downa few years ago when I hit 30 years old.

My right latoid is way bigger than my left...and thats because I've shot bows all my with that being said...I think the best exercise for the particular muscle used for drawing is...drawing your bow...thats the exact exercise you need..

In response to hard core hunter....I agree with him to a a certain extent...

If I was you...I would keep your bow with you on the couch in the evening....draw it back every day in between commercials..

When you start to practice before hunting season dial it down 5-8 pounds...

Good Luck!!
This is very good advise...I had a injury to my left bicept...and in time this is basically what I did, I turned my bow down to 60# and worked my way back up from there almost the same way as described above.
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