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Default A serious question... I promise

I suffered aserious back injury while on the job back in 2006. Prior to that I pulled 50# pretty easily. Being laid up for 6 months and then wearing a back brace for the next year I lost most of my muscle mass. Figuring I'd never be able to draw again I sold my bow. Well I started getting the itch to shoot again so my boyfriend quizzed me about my old bow and suprised me with a Diamond Edge. I was thrilled, but the pull strength is 50# and I just can't do it. I can pull back about 3 consecutive shots and on the 4th I only make it half-way before pain. I've been doing my best to bulk back up, but can't really figure out exact exercises to help with pull strength.

Any ideas? Techniques? Anything would be welcome. I haven't been bow hunting since 2005 and its killing me [>:]
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