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Default What's the difference!!??

A couple of these threads got me thinking.

What is the difference in what weapon you use, strictly archery as in traditional or compound.

I started out hunting with a recurve. I shot my first deer with one when I was 12. It was a nice 6 pointer at 15 yards running fast as hell. I was hooked. I swore to my dad that I'd never hunt with one of those mechanical gadgets that were coming out, called compound bows! [:'(]

Well, here I am, not only am I hunting with one, I shot for HCA for 7 or 8 years. I got my first one in 1983 although I started hunting in 1967. One thing is for sure...... I will some day hunt with a recurve again. Not for the challenge but because I like the look and feel of them. They are a work of art.

Now here is what I think...........

It doesn't matter which type of bow I use because for me it's about the skill of hunting. I prefer a 15 yard broadside shot at a deer, even with a compound. I know I can be proficient with a recurve out to 20 yards without too much trouble. The last 6 bucks I shot were at 6, 14, 20, 12, 17 and 12 yards respectively. I'm saying that I could have killed them with a recurve as well. The compound I used was not a huge significant difference.

To me it's about the hunt. I spend an awful lot of time trying to find and set up the perfect stand to give me the slam dunk shot. It's something that I take pride in. I never set up for 40 yard field shots, nor do I hunt in wide open terrain. Those things would definitely make a difference. Where I hunt they would not.

What are your thoughts?
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