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Step 1...Find out from the internet , newspaper and word of mouth where your nearest crappie producing lake is.

Step 2. ..Use your depth finder to find water between 5- 10 foot deep near brush or other structure,,

Step 3 ..with line no bigger than 8 pound test use a small number 10 gold hook ..they bend easy and tie to the end of your a small split shot about 12 inches above the a bobber about 6 feet above the hook the minnnow carefully through both it will live longer..

Step 4 you need to keep your bait moving so drifting is important..Fish at least 4 rods at one time..

Step 5. If there is no wind put trolling motor on slawest setting and drift until you find them..

Since we are in a contest I'll keep my jig technique to myself BUT i'll tell you what works...small jigs that look like these..They will have a lead head ..these cartch fish..
NOTE ...use light tackle..these fish are nicknamed "Papermouth" you need to fight them carefully NOT like a bass..gently play tug of war and let the fish win..carefully lift him up and in the boat..A 2 pounder is worth a mount..

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