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Default Cannot find deer

I shot a really nice 10 pointerthat was probably around 130-140 inches. He is my story.The buckwas standing at about 40 yards, and broadside. Shot and heard a loud whack. Deer took off running with tail down and head at semi-sneak position. Shot at 7:05went back to the house for over an hour and waited for my dad to get home. Went out and started looking for blood and found it right away. Where the buck turned to run away we found the arrow. He broke it. I guess i hit him in the shoulder and he had about 10 to 12 inches of an arrow in him.The bloodwas light pink. The buck left a really good blood trail for about 300 yards and it just had a couple of little drops and we lost the blood trail. The buck was going down hill and following a light used deer trail. We looked in all the creeks and tried to look in tree tops but could not find anything. We looked the whole day and could not find him. The buck was going down the side of a ridge and started to hook around the edge of it when we lost the blood. What do you guys think? Did I go after him to soon and do you think he is dead? Any feedback would be helpful.
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